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How to Pronounce Trevean

When I left the small village of Newlyn nearer to sunset, it was shrouded in heavy mist, rain, and generally rather gloomy. I headed towards St. Just then, Pendeen when I was about to give up as visibility was near zero. As I crested the hill, the mist began to clear, and I could see the sea, the cliffs, and some rocks which looked familiar from when I spotted them the other day, and as luck would have it, there was a tiny parking lot empty. And there I was in the early setting sunset at Trevean Cliff, alone except for the ponies grazing.

I had no particular destination in mind, but this was perfect for returning my focus to why I'm here - another location to come and find inspiration. This small area has cliffs, rocks, and old mine ruins, so definitely one to add to my drawing list.

Trevean Cliff is in Cornwall, The very far west country of England. It is named after the nearby hamlet a little distance inland, derived from the Cornish word 'tre' meaning settlement or homestead and 'vean' meaning small. I immediately fell in love with the serene setting and brilliance of light that emerged towards sunset, a bridge between the ancient Celtic Sea and the newer Atlantic. Trevean Living was formed during this contemplative embrace with nature, recognizing how this place of nature embodies the bridge between the best of nature and knowledge, a bridge from farm to bottle and botany to beauty. I couldn't think of a better place or name for this emerging company or the ethos we want to convey to the world.

How to pronounce trevean


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