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New Year, New Mindset: Focusing on the Process of Building Trevean Living

As we start a new year, we may set resolutions and goals for the months ahead. But for some of us, the concept of a New Year's resolution can feel like an implication that there was something wrong with the way we were doing things before. Instead, we may begin the new year by reflecting on specific goals to refocus and recalibrate routine, taking into account the wisdom and happenings of the previous year in considering how to steer for the following year.

Trevean Living will see a minor change in personalities as my brother and I dedicate ourselves to finishing our university studies. We are not abandoning our responsibilities or the reasons behind starting this website and business. The values and principles of the endeavor that created Trevean Living will remain true to its founding. What transpires over the next 12 months should see notable changes and activities to help refresh the website with new content and ideas to share.

For me, this year's goal for Trevean Living is not about what we will do but how we will do it. This year will be about building a brand full of great content, learnings, and videos with the help of others. It may seem daunting, but instead of focusing on the outcome of having a completed website by a specific date with powerful content, we will build it step by step, focusing instead on the creative process and the learning and failures that come with it.

Building a meaningful brand is a journey with its own set of challenges and obstacles. Sometimes, adding a web-related task at the end of a long day can be taxing, and I may feel resentful and overwhelmed. But I have chosen to remind myself that I chose this path and that the design process is fun and rewarding. I have chosen this path because it is an adventure. After all, it is the best way to get the kind of website and brand I most want, with the features that matter to me.

In conclusion, my goal for the new year is to focus on the process of building this website and the underlying business rather than the outcome. I will remind myself that I chose this path and the challenges that come with it. I will try to pause and remember why I am undertaking this project and approach it with a sense of adventure and excitement rather than feeling burdened by it. I will also try to find gratitude on difficult days and remember the larger purpose of the project.

May 2023 be your special year to achieve all you desire.



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