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"Meet Our Newest Eco-Ambassador: Leading the Way in Adorableness"

We're thrilled to welcome King Kitty, "The Righteous Ruler of this Planet," to the Trevean Living family. As our new eco-ambassador, Kitty brings a wealth of experience in stress-free sustainable and playful living. 

In his previous role, Kitty spearheaded award-winning campaigns promoting physical activities that helped burn off boundless energy, reduce stress, and promote a healthy lifestyle. His passion for fun, love, and protecting our planet shines through in the creative and impactful cuddling initiatives. 

Kitty's expertise in playing, napping, scratching, cuddling, and general adorableness will be invaluable as we expand our brand presence and reach more cat-friendly consumers. His energy or lack thereof, cuteness factor, and deep knowledge of relaxation will make him a tremendous asset to our team. 

In his free time, Kitty enjoys grazing, scratches behind the ears, drinking from the running faucet, napping, cuddling during those cold winter days, and finding those hidden hangouts. 

Join us in welcoming King Kitty, our Instagram brand ambassador (@KingKitty), to our sustainable living movement! 



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