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Welcome 2022

Resolution season is starting again. I am a lifelong list and resolution maker for the New Year. But I detest spending the time setting resolutions because I fail to sustain them long enough to achieve them or even remember what I set out to accomplish later in the new year. Sound familiar? This year I want to come up with something a little different, something that brings meaning or happiness to my life, something that fills my proverbial bucket list. That is why I am proposing a change of mental focus for the following year. Instead of looking at my life and asking myself, "What do I need to fix? Or "What 'bad' behaviors do I need to change?" what if I rephrased the question and asked myself:

"What can I add that will make next year more joyous?"

  • "How would I like to grow next year? "

  • "How can I help myself to flourish?"

  • "How can I serve others?"

I propose an attitude towards going for more! We all need and deserve more right now. Here are some ideas for getting more over the next year.

More Green. No, not more money. I'm talking about nature!

  1. More houseplants. I plan on placing a few plants in my workspace to help reduce stress and negative emotions. I love having a few indoor plants around my workspace; something about having plants around me helps improve attention and productivity.

  2. More gardening. I will make this the year of the garden. Several years ago, my parents designed and built a spacious garden but let it go to pot as we neglected it season after season. Gardening can be incredibly therapeutic and is one of the activities that help keep away the blue zones while providing fresh food.

  3. More green exercises. That is, getting outdoors more often and enjoying the green space around me. It is said that outdoor activities produce many health benefits, from reducing stress to improving immune function to longevity. After the last two years, I can do with stress reduction. My resolutions never materialize because I go big the day after New Year and completely fail somewhere into the first month. My goal is to take it slow and build up the habit I want. Maybe five minutes of walking along the nature trail or gardening to improve my mood and self-esteem.

More music. Who doesn't love the simple pleasure of listening to music? I am striving to make music a better part of my weekly enjoyment. But beyond just listening to music, I will reintroduce myself to practicing the piano. You might even see a playlist or two from us.

More Sleep. It's not that we do not get enough sleep. Heaven knows, as young adults, we love to sleep late. As we enter responsible adulthood, classes and part-time jobs require us to get up at ungodly morning hours (before 2:00 pm, how ungrateful). Staying up late in the wee hours of the morning with friends or pursuing Tik Tok, Snapchat, and YouTube is no longer an option for a healthy lifestyle. I can tell you now that this will be the most challenging resolution to keep. I'm hammering home for the New Year that we :

  • Apply a consistent bedtime.

  • Get natural light immediately after waking up.

  • More mobility. Maybe yoga or some mobility exercises throughout the day or just before bedtime.

Disconnect more. I might have to admit that I spend too much time on social media. This will be a double-edged sword for us. My social media browsing is voyeuristic. There are channels and influencers I follow, but I am not a prolific social media influencer. However, social media is a medium our generation gravitates to view social issues, and garner product recommendations. This resolution means I spend less time couch potato the channels I gravitate to and creating more content for Trevean Living.

More love for this community.

Growth occurs when we are ready to step out of our comfort zones. At Trevean Living, we have taken the first steps to show ourselves off and try new things. It is stretching our boundaries to come this far. We are excited and oh so nervous to see how we grow this site into a loving community of natural activists to learn and expand our knowledge of how to improve this planet through our experiments and insights into sustainability.

With much love, joy, and happiness in the New Year. Danny and Tessa.



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